According to DICE, so the players can have fun in the games priority


In the past days, the new Battlefield game, Battlefield 5Click announcing DICE, the game is in a structure that is more or less announced. The Second World Warspecified that he will in the new game, it won’t be like the classic WWII games. Unlike the more colorful and political discrimination, because the real history of the game, who designed the DICE, found some comments on this subject. DICE according to officials, the first priority of the developers of the players can enjoy playing the game. Going beyond specific rules to reflect the theme of the game more comfortable to players who can the officials, pays attention to the preferences of the players.

Interesting comments from developer Battlefield

In this way, the peak of the battlefield games from the developers of the game who said it was more fun Aleksander Grondal, a favorite game Battlefield 1942 Battlefield , he said. However, most players like this game for real mad at DICE for applications not reflected in World War II. 19 October on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will come to the platform, said that, unlike the other Battlefield games in the game, co – op mode will be. In addition to all these, it is curious also the story mode in the game.