According to a new study, Video Games, killing your love life


Video games as our hobby in a corner, and escape our daily life a bit of trouble to hide our heads in thanks that we are able to distribute games. Even more research before, according to Video Games the mental health acts, it was stated that for good and sufficient as a therapy. Video games but the games we have spent more time than it needed to be brought about by the negative side of fazlalasiyo more. Now in Europe, according to a study of the video games are affecting our love lives.

Video games can damage our love life

Researchers, especially online focused games on people who spend too much time in, in parallel with this, alienated sociality, and thus, it is stated that it is not the love of your life. In the study, instead of looking for a wife in real life, video game addiction, online games called it underlined. So, League of Legends or World Of Warcraft player, with a normal person instead of meeting with partners in the games he wants to meet. Also second life thanks to games like developers in this area is seen cavity, by exploiting the feelings of the players can fill in.