About World War I 11:11: Memories Retold announced


Namco Bandai, the French studio Digiart and Wallace , Gromit animation who is behind British animation studio Aardman , in collaboration with 11:11: Memories Retold game announced. The last game of the animations during the First World War is extremely ambitious.

The game, which will be spent during the First World War 11:11: Memories Retold was announced by Namco Bandai

Not much information is given about the game and probably will focus the story of a couple of soldiers in the war. Your character during the war of memories ‘re-playing’ when I was still the explanation that is not likely to play well on the subject, although it should not be forgotten. Players “exciting, engaging and emotional journey and they intended to send you on a detailed oil painting work such as animation studio who said they did a fine job in the part.

Aardman, co-founder, David Sproxton, “with this project, the emotional intensity of a story with its own unique imagery when describing the players in the way we wanted it to be. 11-11: Memories Retold, aardman a game for the first time to a collaborative project. We are very pleased to see this coming to life and this is a really exciting step for the studio, ” he said.