A way out, how much experience does it offer?


A way out of departing in the month of March last, examined in a detailed manner how game, love it, we put a nice corner between the games we play.

A Way Out Review

But quietly departing, some rest in the shadow of God of war a way out, a production that deserves to be talked about a bit more. Why? Our article you can find the answer to your question.

You know, some movies to watch, you can’t escape from the effects a few days, thoughts rush in your mind constantly, your daily life goes before your eyes, scenes from the movie. Your movie watching experience that you’ll want to experience again and again. You will want to re-enter the film that you put into the atmosphere. Maybe you’ll watch it again and again. Favorite movies. You live in first to get back to the emotions. This, Director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, costume designer, who are involved in the making of the film is a joint effort of many creative people. No doubt, movies, some games , too, these feelings may bring. Many examples can be given of these games. A single journey, the Journey, CO, heavy rain, Fahrenheit: Indigo prophecy, Brothers: A Tale of two sons , was my first thought, very cinematic game mechanics, the player managed to hit in terms of atmosphere and story-making. Of course, these are examples that come to mind now. This list can be extended much further. Apparently, and thankfully, this style they will continue to be, albeit rarely. For me, this strike is another game added to the list of games.

A Way Out nasıl bir deneyim sunuyor?

Departing in the month of April last, a way out… a way out, the last E3’te was introduced, had attracted the attention of many players. What makes the game special is the story of escaping from prison that looks like an ordinary game was playable for two people jointly. The game is played nowadays are not developed very much in partnership, the producer, even though the decision of the company’s question marks, a close friend to escape from prison, and we be stuck with the idea of being all kinds of work to be taken on adventures, gamers quite liked it. In fact, the game’s director Josef Fares, what cinematic games, is no stranger to games played nor jointly. Because Josef Fares, is actually a film director. Previously, Brothers: A Tale of two sons Josef Fares, who did a pretty good job with the film industry leave, “in the movies, more games give you the feeling you can give is by saying” Take a step into the gaming industry. E and that being the case, appeared in a production that will join the ranks of classics like a way out. Well, what a way out the thing that makes it so special?

A Way Out nasıl bir deneyim sunuyor?

A way out does justice to the cinematic experience

In fact, a way out gameplay dynamics with a production that promises a lot it’s not. The dynamics of the game too bad, definitely not. So just are very simple. However, the production company light haze, this is quite clever simplicity are what make it fun my way. Each scene changing with changing game mechanics be different for different kinds of work you are doing each task, this simplicity has been the obstacle to the shock eye. The scenario is, in fact, we can say that when we look at very simple. In its most simplistic form intersecting paths on the roof, put away Vincent and Leo’s escape from prison, and the story is told of a way out. But this simple story, so beautifully rendered, the gameplay that has been so well fed jointly the dynamics of the game, especially the game experience I can certainly recommend it if you are with a close friend, as the game progresses, and you feel the connection between the characters until the end. From Leo Vincent or you are becoming someone in the game. Almost a movie of two lead roles, one, the other is happening to your friend. From time to time, to watch your friend’s back, sweating bullets while trying to maintain your cool on the one hand, it is the exact opposite also your friend in case you feel that you are the only person you can count on. Sometimes in the game yourself in the mini games, you can find your friend struggling to pass his score.

A Way Out nasıl bir deneyim sunuyor?

Fairly rigorous and impressive scenes of Vincent and Leo’s personal story written in a way where they are presented with from time to time when huzunlenirk out from time to time, also in the scenes of the action you can find yourself in the middle of a chase in the ceiling. So, watching a good movie you can feel all of the emotions a way out, you feel intensely, and share these feelings with a close friend is a game whereby. Finals the scene of one of the most impressive I’ve seen in recent years, which is a way out, but the story of a wonderful journey that you can experience with a close friend. Has achieved what so many game player into the game to pull the player to be able to make the identification with the atmosphere of the story definitely succeeded. A Way Out. It is strongly recommended. But like I said, a close friend to play with provided. Even movie lovers Vincent and Leo’s Adventure is definitely for any player to have experience you need.