A propaganda film, this time played by Kemal sunal was sued


And the most successful films in the history of Turkish cinema, which is one of the most famous Propaganda film, was sued years later. 5 March 1999 the vision contained in the film for many years been discussed in terms of social Messaging. However, this time, were being sued by the family of the film sunal. The family’s lawyer Trust Ugur Sunal who is in the movie Kemal sunal‘s right that is not assigned to the family of claims. Kemal sunal film construction captured by Plato, would have a share of 10 percent of the proceeds. However, this money was given to the family after the death of Kemal sunal Sunal. Brothers Ali and ezo Sunal the rights of the Father wanting the court agreed to give 15 thousand try.

The propaganda film was sued

Expert according to the report, 1 million 239 thousand TL was calculated as the proceeds of 380 thousand people watching the film. But this was still 10 percent sunal part of the proceeds given to the family. The court then DVD and CD,s-to calculate how much revenue has been achieved, the case is adjourned. The family’s lawyer Trust an “expert calculation not to do an unfair result in the gradual revealed. Will the contract had been ignored by the experts. He discussed the pretext of the ratio included in the calculations of the expert is not able to solve. Kemal sunal against everything that is interpreted by experts must be explained.” discourse is found in.