A promotional video was released for the game shadow of the Tomb Raider


Square Enix , developed by Tomb Raider the new game of the series the shadow of the Tomb Raider for Xbox at E3 2018 promotional video for the game was released first on the scene.

The game will last about 13 to 15 hours between

Developer Square Enix, Xbox E3 2018 shadow in the scene in the first of the Tomb Raider in-game footage with a promotional video released. The shadow of the Tomb Raiderseries that brings a breath of fresh air as well as Privacy the best action scenes in the entire trilogy that will keep you on the forefront of weapons. Dr. Dominguez‘s arch-enemy would be in the game, Lara and Trinity’s ancestors related keywords looking for Cozumel (Mexico) begins.

13-15 hours of gameplay, side missions will be more important in these times of hunting and equipment from the account. The main graves before more classic and much more than will be deadly. Players in the game be able to be able to dive again and swim, but they’re not going to use the car. The shadow of the Tomb Raiderin Lara, being a forest of deadly, horrible dark hours you have to resist and overcome the grave.

Posted on September 14 will take place in the market of the game that you can watch the new video below.