A prison sentence of one year was given to a player of World Of Warcraft


A world of Warcraft player, European servers that interferes with a cyber attack in the United States to perform sentenced to prison. Play materials, Blizzard Entertainment‘s computer servers between February and September 2010, was accused of leaving it exposed to attack. Eight years later the event moved to the court resulted.

In 2010 was sentenced to Play the attacking Material the wow servers

Materialin order to prevent the entry of competitors against an attack on the servers, DDoS, it was suggested that it performs the charge. Thousands of players that could prevent you from entering the game after this attack, the stolen Material is a Romanian citizen who was brought to court in Los Angeles. In the month of February were also convicted and sentenced to imprisonment and thereby 29,987 thousand dollars to blizzard for the game due to damage to the company was asked to pay.

Material play at the same time, California-based computer reseller Ingram Micro and faced charges for robbing some the hacking attempt, but, during the case for Ingram Micro the charges were dropped by the plaintiff’s attorney. World Of Warcraft Blizzard attacks to win if sued for Material, will serve for one year.