A popular fan mod Black Mesa updated


Crowbar Collective, the nearest in time, popular games Black Mesahas been updated, click. A copyright from valve Half Life Black Mesa field, and detailing the universe with today’s technology, until now, that ever lived the best fan-made “modes” is regarded as one of. But what exactly is the unfinished game has a few problems, one of them of course which is the end of the Half Life Xen sections.

After a long break, we have news departments on behalf of Xen

Crowbar Collective, released with the update, a large degree eliminates optimization problems. AMD and Nvidia‘s graphics cards are no longer the problems is expected to appear in the game. Crowbar collective, solving problems of optimization, except for the changes to the game talked about. Lighting the beacon of Gordon Freeman during the game and the graphical settings through the power of the derivative of the nose has been modified.

Of course, everyone is waiting eagerly Xen Crowbar talking about the parts of a collective, announced that it is the explanation of the delay. Currently working on a new game engine a team of the Xen sections of the game together with the new engine is transferred to said. Producer, parts of Xen, the next big update would be submitted together with the new engine players have stated. So, for the most part, out of a little time , we can say that he remained.

The steam page can be found here at Black Mesa and how good a fan-made mod, you can see that.