A new promotional video that shows the brutality of the vampire came


Dontnod entertainment developed by role-playing game Vampire came in for a new promotional video.

Reid are dangerous when you’re angry

As you know, London isthe last game in the Spanish flu between people is weakened because of our main character, Reid, is obtained with a vampire trying to get used to the power. However, Reid, who started without the need for blood, it becomes extremely dangerous for those around you. Of course, here the fate of the game with your choices and your communications with people located in one of four different outcomes you will experience. Even have a chance of finishing the game without killing anyone. About to see that you published a new promotional video for the blood thirsty character of Reid and how dangerous you are when you’re angry it shows.

Earlier Vampire who died the news the system requirements of the game and NPC characters such as the return of the interesting properties mentioned. Also Unreal Engine 4 game engine developed and in 1918 the last vampire-themed role-playing game June 5, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC , we should note once again that it would be released for. Below you will find a new promotional video of the game.