A new Far Cry game, which country would you like to cross?


Departing in the month of March last Far Cry 5, players of America to the state of Montana took me. We entered into the fight with a religious cult who captured the city of hope in the game, we found the possibility of dating to the discovery of today’s America. Well next Far Cry game, in which country you wish you could go? For this question, the survey that led to a Reddit user, So with the way Ubisoft 6 Far Cry‘s will that was taken off to reveal the possible places.

Appeared in places that will likely pass Far Cry 6

Ubisoft recently shared a survey with users led to the question 6 where do you want to go far cry. Places of interest Shared in the survey pointed out. Ubisoft’s survey directed at users, India, Cuba, Alaska, in the forests of Siberia, the jungles of Vietnam, Africa, New Zealand and North Korea like countries or even on another planet even exists. In addition, the survey asked users to write their own choice places. As far as we know cry games, ranging from snowy mountains to tropical islands with a wide range of play area it came in. Shared a new Far Cry game let’s I can be in one of the locations in the survey. You can browse from below into the image of the shared questionnaire.

Yeni Far Cry oyununun hangi ülkede geçmesini isterdiniz?

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