A new expansion pack was Battlefield 1 for free


A short from yesterday V Battlefield video from Electronic Arts, which was released in 2016 1 Battlefield’s The name of the Star expansion pack on Xbox One and PS4 it gives users free for.

This free time expansion pack for console players

The name of the Tsar expansion pack named users console PlayStation and Xbox are able to access the store while free package PC – not yet available as a free download for users does not appear. September 2017 first expansion in the Russian army, six multiplayer maps, 11 new weapons and It Garford armored vehicles along with various content included in the game.

As you know recently Battlefield 1’s first major expansion pack that They shall pass a note had been free for a short time. At this time, according to deeds free second expansion pack, maybe in the coming weeks, third, and fourth expansion pack tides turning and the Apocalypse can be provided free of charge although certain.

On the other hand EA, that you spent working on the name of the new game Battlefield V confirmed that it was. According to rumors II. It’s based on World War detailed information about the game is expected to arrive on May 23.