A new expansion pack for the game hearts of iron IV announced


Stockholmheld in 2018 COMin paradox interactivedeveloped by hearts of iron IV has announced a new expansion pack for naval and diplomatic options that will improve.

Man the guns, focuses on the Naval side of the war

Man the guns , as defined by the name of hearts of iron IV for the new expansion pack, including the property of designing their ships of war, the game adds further depth to the Naval side of the war that took place in. With a modular design, you can add the Marines heavy weapons and armor. By making it compatible with the latest technology to make your old ships, you can use it again.

Man the guns the United States and other free nations, including major expansion pack also, offers options and new ways of democratic Nations. At the same time, the alternate stories that you can discover in the game, or completely all the forces of democracy get moving, or you will be able to do both. Developer, hearts of iron IV: the man Guns more comfortable with that allows you to explore alternative way of history focuses on the past.

To be added to the game in the video below of the announcement of the new expansion pack is included.