A new DLC emerged to prey on the future of encrypted messages


Our last day Prey‘s Steam page, an update was made in the performance section. Performance done with the update added to the page; “if they put a man on the moon you’re something you deserve” article was created. Famous music group R. E. M.‘s famous song man on the moon‘a secret message that makes a reference, to prey in the future a new expansion pack, The game was the cause of speculation that a month would pass.

Prey expansion pack new in the month will go?

Do we really know what’s out there? pic.twitter.com/TIByM1O738

— Prey (@The Prophet) March 2, 2018

Actually with the new expansion next to prey, made a trip to the moon will be the signals that previously was given. Of prey in the month of March last, the official Twitter account to share made from, the in-game Month and shared the image of “do we know what really happened up there?” was asked a question. Apparently the makers of Prey quite like to give Secret messages. A reddit user, in prey Relax Corp shared by decoding the encrypted message from the account of the company reddit, a GIF is reached. In the image, the image in front of the Moon in the background “Simulation is resetleniyo” appears. All the tips shows, to prey on a new expansion pack is on the way. The new expansion pack is expected to be announced by Bethesda at E3 of next.

Prey'e yeni bir DLC'nin geleceği şifreli mesajda ortaya çıktı