A new Battlefield game single-player scenario mode will there be?


Activision his explanations of the side after call of duty that would be a different scenario than we learned in the mode mode. On the Call Of Duty series, which is the biggest rival of the Battlefield series, also began to be curious about this. However, EA Games ‘ financial reports presented at the conference the company’s CEO,Andrew Wilson, the new Battlefield game scenario, a single mode is explained.

New Battlefield single player in a game scenario will be

The developer of the game works in a way that teams on tight, it pointed out that Wilsonnever said the game tried to come up with methods you haven’t tried before. From Andrew Wilson who anthem on the other hand, the players’ Anthem‘interest was pleased with announced. They return who showed interest in Andrew Wilson, believes the two games would be a success.

However, players on the Battlefield‘aside, when I left the anthemof the new Destiny that would be a disaster estimates. These predictions, we confuse old players anthem entrusted to the developers of the Mass Effect trilogy because I think it would probably surprise the players by surprise. Let’s see when the games came out, the players will make you happy?