A million-selling Conan Exiles, comes from early access today


Fun Com , developed by an open world survival game in the wilderness Exiles Conan early access today comes from.

Conan the Barbarian, one million crossed the threshold of

Conan the exiles didn’t come from early access, but at the same time unveiled a major update for all platforms. New areas have been added and the game to exit early access into the world of Great was ready. In addition, the developer fun com, as of today, said it sold a full million copies of the game.

Com fun in the continuation of the description, the Unreal Engine was developed with the graphics engine of the game during the early access period, major changes, additions and improvements, he said. The game world doubled in size from the first to the game, new mechanics, new features and adding a large amount of content expressed. The new update added to the game with the Volcano and Swamp regions helps to establish a different strategy for the players and at the same time he’s trying to destroy the base of monsters attack and defense that you need to do and the new Purge feature is being included in the game.

In addition, all these developments and from a developer who wanted to celebrate the fun of the game early access out Com, released the video which you can watch below.