A 14 year old boy filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for cheating


Epic Games, Fortnite‘allegedly a 14 year old boy has launched a legal action against cheating. C. R records the last defendant as “illegal” as Fortniteis accused of using unauthorized equipment to create and click Modify to cheat.

He found himself in front of the boy who cheated

Epic Games ‘ 14-year-old boy the charges against “at least two of directed by YouTube channel via advertising that encourages them to use cheating software, you’re encouraged to cheat and others to use” in the direction of. Last year, Fortnite was removed from thousands of players for cheating and now Epic Games is looking right in the courtroom by moving to a top spot in the state.

Epic Games in the first place, the defendant’s age while the child’s mother has expressed that he doesn’t know Epic Games ’14-year-old boy to show what happen to them and that those who cheat and intimidate uses Epic Games’ game is limited in the ability to block the cheaters. C. R.’s mother Epic Games ‘ boy is cheating by telling that it was a waste not to prove the case said.

Before resorting to cheating in any game may be a really good reason for me to think about this case.