970 Samsung EVO SSD NVMe


Showed a vast improvement of computer technology in recent years, but unfortunately the CPU and RAM in the same ratio of components such as an improvement cannot be shown. Silicon-based chip physical limits, therefore, the speed-side end in the vicinity of the Processor, see huge leaps in performance between generations the meaning of causes. To give an example of a new generation of Intel processor came out this year compared to the previous generation %maximum15‘first performance boost it can provide. RAM on the side likewise, with DD4 performance increases, although the reflection of the actual use of them is very limited. But in spite of all these limitations, your computer users who want to really accelerate in the first place, the windows boot speed, also the navigation in the operating system performance, and shortening of the loading screen in games stability we present a solution for users who are looking for a very effect. Of course we’re talking about SSDs.

Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD

970 Samsung EVO 500 GB NVMe SSD Review

In fact , the SSDs available in the computer world since 1976, in 1976 by a company called Bulk Core dataran I called and a SSD with a capacity of only 2 MB was released. However, as we know it today, cruised after the expansion of SSDs from 2010. Because SSDs cost, and the prices of both the products that it had been always scares the end user.

Nowadays, different companies own hundreds of their SSDs to the market in the presented case, one of the oldest in these brands, without a doubt , Samsung, SATA SSD‘s together with currently 1 GB per second data transfer which permits SSDs, M. 2 Slotsitting una the nvme together with virtually is on fire and has reached unbelievable levels of 3 GB per second. 2 This means that NVMe M. 2 SSDs between 20 GB a game, you can copy in just 6.5 seconds.

970 Samsung EVO 500GB SSD NVMe test results

Of course, in order to achieve these speeds, you can examine the following test Samsung EVO SSD NVMe M. 2 970‘cine you will need. M. 2 card slot directly above your main 970 EVO, with a size of 500 GB and the operating system for both large-scale they offer so many games that could fit in a wide field.

We’ve also done in the tests , the Samsung EVO SSD NVMe 970only 9 minutes in Windows 10 , We were able to install.

SSD‘loading speeds Miz the game is very ambitious, compared to a standard SSD, which managed to put a big difference in the loading speed Samsung EVO 970, it manages to give their money’s worth.

970 Samsung EVO SSD with NVMe in the game load tests we got the following results:

Star Wars Battlefront: 18 Seconds
TitanFall 2: 23 Seconds
Crysis 3: 21 Seconds

SSD you can check the benchmark results below:

Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSDSamsung 970 EVO NVMe SSDSamsung 970 EVO NVMe SSDLong story short, Samsung’s new NVMe M. 2 SSD EVO 970, the computer for those who want to meet the highest performance standards in each part of the ideal emerges as an option.