76 yesterday announced Fallout online survival RYO may be


Surprisingly, we left behind the day that you announced Fallout 76, thrilled with all the video game world. Before the announcement, signaling that the brand would do something with Fallout Bethesda‘s game at E3 2018 was expected to announce it at the Expo. However, the resulting short in the interest of all players after the trailer, Fallout returned to 76. But in 2012, that will pass the specified of the game which was said to belong to the species. How a Fallout RPG series, even though the new game was expected to be of a different type.

76 can be a online game Fallout

Estimates of this kind, then a foreign source, Fallout 76‘s announced that an online service will have. After this explanation of the game as Rust or DayZ‘s could belong to the species survival in the open world online like alive belongs is estimated. 76. It would be like at the fair in the vault in the last game we’ll see at E3 2018. Maybe the developers, the new Fallout games battle Royale as even design.

In addition to all this, in the trailer of the last “business when the fighting stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.” of sentences is pointing to a survival game online that are also noted.