70 million players to fight with Marvel’s Future, 3. celebrates years


Netmarbletoday marvel fight the future‘s third year, announced that it is celebrating 70 million players all over the world. Netmarble, to celebrate this special day, players various game events and for informational purposes some “fun facts” has been prepared.

Marvel Fight The Future, 3. celebrates years

Marvel fight the future, 2015 reached more than 70 million players since its release. The game has two original characters , Captain America (Sharon Rogers) and the Snow Luna the Marvel universewas added. During missions most preferred male super hero iron man, woman is a super hero , Captain America (Sharon Rogers). Thanos’11 challenged a million times and was defeated. Among the most preferred costumes of Loki, “Lady Loki,” and Captain America’s (Sharon Rogers) “star light Armor”.

The countdown event started

Prior to the official anniversary MARVEL fight the futureon April 16, 2018 April 30, launched a countdown that will last until the date of the activity date. In-game event, among the players in the category-2 character selector, including awards to be distributed on 30 April and will include. Category-2 character selector, the players Captain America (Sharon Rogers), the Hulk and more powerful category-2 will give you the opportunity to get the characters.

3. to celebrate the anniversary, which will last until 30 April 7 May premium that can be obtained from hero boxes 56 making the log entry, and various other daily activities will be held. Players will gain 3 times from April 30th until May 1 and April 30 six strengthening players who enter the game on a special 3. Comic book anniversary card will be given. At the events of the last month as gold, ISO-8, special equipment, and there will be more including a special sale.

The chief global netmarble officer Seungwong Lee, “the players and their heroes for 3 years, we are proud to support the work of protection from the evils of the world, this time we would like to thank everyone who has been with us in the coming years we will continue to produce good content for the sake of the universe,” he said. MARVEL fight the future on April 25, 2018 3. – year before the anniversary new Avengers: Infinity war-themed update is released, and in May they will release the second Infinity war-themed update news.

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