64 persons will be World War 3 in the game of battle Royale mode


In the past year, especially in a fast way the player battle Royale mode new games continue to come out. Epic GamesFortnite is the leader with battle Royale , this time The type of World War 3 will be game as a competitor. In the time of the last war, the Third World War game strategy plays a large role in establishing, indicating that the developers of the game, Unreal Engine 4 game engine announced that they are to develop with.

World War 3 will be in the game mode battle Royale

Unreal Engine 4‘S mentioned that would utilize the potential of World War 3, Let’s have a battle Royale in the sense that players could satisfy? Also this battle Royale, we should note that took place as a side mod in the game. In the game, so it won’t be the main type of battle Royale. 64 battle Royale mode, which was said to be the same personality in Rainbow Six Siegelike you need to do tactical planning.

Will host specified more realistic battles , World War 3, Let’s could satisfy the players? Painkiller Developer the farm 51 team game, will be released through steam in the autumn months of the year 2018.

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