5.0 GHz Core processor comes from Intel this year at 28!


AMD with like every year, which are in cutthroat competition with Intel, today 2018 Computex fair at 5.0 GHz running at core 28 New monster CPU’presentation was announced.

The processor supports Hyper-Threading Technology

Technology giants Intel and AMD, PC developed each year in order to win the hearts of users in the world are in constant competition with better quality and useful products. The competition Intel Computex 2018explained in preparing to move to the next level with core processor running at 5.0 GHz 28. Moreover, these processors have Hyper-Threading Technology supporting, i.e., the threads 56 can handle.

As you know, technology giant Intel last year, in the summer of 18 core i9 processors will be introduced. The company we used was produced by an 18-core processor with new processors stand idly by when the bomb exploded core processor 28. The price of the new Intel Core processor 28 also, the name that you will use the socket give much more detailed information about the speed of 5.0 GHz and is planning to launch in 2018.

Finally, the processor is not yet clear, although the price very cheap will be that predictable.

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