4K last published agony the first 10 minutes in hell


Agony, the last time we face in the horror genre is one of the most diverse examples. The news of the postponement of living, despite entering the final stretch only a few days remaining for the game release date and new media continue to be. Finally, the screenshots with the Agony for a video today were issued. In this video I have been in the first minutes of the game.

The first 10 minutes of the published agony

In this video the first 10 minutes of the game in the section is given. Moreover, it is also recently released the video as the screenshots in 4K resolution taken at. The atmosphere of the game is already pretty solid in the sense that I need to specify that stood. Tomasz Dutkiewicz was founded by Madmind Studios‘staff before the division, The Witcher 3, sniper: Ghost warrior 2, Alien Rage, enemy front, real boxing and Godfrey 2: rise of Prometheus is a team that has worked on projects such as.

Agony players bothered in sexual items

A spirit that can’t remember any moment in his past that we can control the game, Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine are being developed. PC, PS4 and Xbox one will be released on May 2019 Agony‘s new video below, you can browse.