4. with the season hits the island’s comet fortnite


Fortnite: battle Royal ‘in 4. the season finally pointing to a comet landing. Game v4.0 Update, Now PS4, Xbox One, PC, and on mobile devices in the publication, however, didn’t eklemsi new items and weapons to the game.

Comes at the end of the fourth season

Fortnite: battle Royal skies wandering in the comet will land eventually. With this multiplication, the Map in the game there will be some changes. The impact of the comet with the impact to be felt across the island, many different space will undergo change , and the impact of different new many reveals to discover the space. Impact crater with bright rocks will consist of. Developer Epic Games‘s statement, according to when we use this hop rocks called rocks, low gravity, we have experience with.

Pass the Battle field, the players of the season 4 with the 7 different super hero outfit will be able to use. Save the world mode, players will be able to search the area where the collision occurred. 4. In addition in conjunction with the season being debugged bugs in the game, the gameplay will be in the dynamics of various fixes. Below you can browse the video from the announcement of the fourth season of fortnite.