4 Visual character of Black Ops was leaked


After long rumors, Activision made the official announcement in the past periods, and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4‘u had announced. As stated earlier, on May 17 published the first video today will be Black Ops III is known as a new Visual of the game is released.

Black Ops III‘s cover image leaked

If we look at the leaked image of the game cover is equipped with 3 different characters. Judging by their appearance and weapons as the story of the game again in the near future I can say that it would pass. The hair shapes of the characters and exo-suits and clothes like this situation almost revealed. Situated at the front of the character in the game, our lead character.

Yet the logo and we do not have knowledge outside of the leaked characters Call Of Duty: Black Ops III, as I mentioned earlier, today is the first video and the information will be present. This announcement, which will be held in Pacific Time 10am, Turkey time evening at 20:00 will take place. In this special presentation, which will be held is expected to be released also a video of the gameplay. The leaked cover image goes something like this;

Black Ops 4'ün karakterlerinin yer aldığı görsel sızdırıldı