4 Pro Evolution Soccer until 2018. Data packet has arrived


Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018’with the new patch 4. The data package isreleased to expand. The new data packet, while providing a more realistic view of the face of the player on ninety at the same time, new sneakers, New Jersey, and contains portraits of new players.

 PES 2018’s latest patch also, even though the power indicator normally appears in the team play Lobby to be displayed on failure eliminates the problem. At the same time MyClub and become a legend modes for contains some bug fixes. Then Steam you will find a list of the content of data packets that can be downloaded via below.



*Power indicator is displayed although the power indicator could not be displayed in the opponent’s team play lobby that solved the problem.


*Resolved a display issue affecting some player in my club mode data items.

*The Administrator the administrator before the installation is finished, scroll in the list of paintings that occurs when the sudden shutdown feature is used fixed the problem.

*The player’s name during the match that causes it to appear in the area 0 the problem is solved.

Become a legend

*Become a legend mode, the player has a copy of All Stars for it to appear in the world of the game solved the problem.

*There are various regulations to enhance the gaming experience of users.

Updated national team kit models

Japanese,German,Spanish and the Colombian national team Adidas models of the updated Brazilian,French, Italian, and English models and the Nike national team kits, PUMA team kits Slovak National models.


Japan, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Wales, Northern Ireland


Brazil, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Slovakia

*The team which consists of 9 teams national teams with kit listed above

*New model NIKE cleats

*More than 90 new more realistic player faces

* The statistics of the players during the match seen when examining the Ports of new players will be added.