4. Fortnite money broke again on iOS with the start of the season


Fortnite‘s 4. with the season entering the game IOS over 50 million dollars made a profit. Starting on May 1st 4. many theories have been created prior to the new season of the season has caused people to wonder, and this game as a nice profit for the company returned.

Fortnite made a profit of $ 50 million from the new season with full iOS

Fortnite only 30 days before the iOS version from $ 25 million in income he was making. Currently the game made a higher profit in a shorter time. For androids, where it comes out of the game yet when it comes to Android, it’s scary to think how much profit that can fortnite when they are published in the monthly.

Sensor Tower according to analyst Randy Nelson, “this is one of the most important causes of rapid revenue growth to $ 10 a pack. This package 4. to complete with the special challenges of the season, this package has been purchased by many players.” In short, the mobile version of the Battle from people who buy pass they contributed so much money at a time.