3 of the World Series on HBO West.the season is already confirmed


HBO‘s the biggest productions at the moment, which is one of West worldfor the past 2 days.with the season appeared. It’s 2 currently.Season 3. we began the wait, we met with a pretty good news for the series part. HBO with a description made by West world‘s 3.the season was officially announced.

Westworld 3.the season confirmed

22, which started on April 2.the season 2 yet.SECTION when have been released West world‘s 3.the season came to check. Who was the President of the program, HBO ‘s Casey Bloys , on the subject “who is extremely talented Jonathan Nolan, Lisa joy , and of course the cast and it’s a pleasure to work with such a team.” efforts had lyrics. In addition, new sections, and the season is about “inspirational storytelling from the amazing visuals, much to quite exciting to see where the next chapter will take us” he added.

Adapted from the 1973 film of the same name, the West world, as I said 2.with the season underway, and this season will last for 10 episodes just like the first season. 3.player of the season and the number of the partition is not the explanation, although probably still the 10-episode season, you could consider waiting for us. There are great concerns about the future of the story.