3 Borderlands 4-player co-op game mode will be?


Borderlands 3‘S next E3 2018to be introduced in it was in the news for. Gearbox‘s popular game Borderlands‘new game Borderlands 3 It is known that quite an intensive study conducted. Well, the highly-anticipated game, 4 people jointly can be played as? Gearbox’s boss Randy pitchfordwith his answer to a question on Twitter, Borderlands 3, 4 person jointly has signalled that played.

3 Borderlands 4-player co-op game mode looks like it will be

3 gearbox the construction of the Borderlands is in full swing. Not yet, although the game is not official E3 2018will be introduced in a central place where. And co-op gameplay in a new game Borderlands popular with 4 people co-op ? Borderlands 3 in the Battle Royal mode, with a witty tongue who is hoping for a patcher analyst Michael said in response, “unfortunately, it allows only 4 persons jointly to the gameplay mechanics of Borderlands,” said Randy pitchford, the new game is 4-player co-op mode that will be gave the signal.

Borderlands in particular, jointly with the dynamics of the gameplay made it quite popular. Extensive weapon and equipment options playable structure of the game and jointly with output in his first year, the first-person perspective action game that brings new life into the game.

Borderlands 3'te 4 kişilik co-op oyun modu bulunacak mı?