3 began to come behind the scenes of John Wick


John Wick is a now classic series of its kind, we can say that ranked among the movies. Circulating on the internet even live in thanos Challenger John Wick‘s new film The work finally began. Finally, the shooting of the film would start at the end of April with the news that we have met. Apparently, the movie albeit a few days late as mentioned, because the shooting phase of the film has passed the first images began to emerge.

3 came the first images of John Wick

Who did the cinematography in the film if dan laust, some footage from behind the scenes began to publish on their social media accounts. Also in this image the name of the film of John Wick Parabellum 3 May it seems. Parabellum weapon models located in the Latin for “prepare for war” it also comes. Who is even quite famous “if you want peace, you must prepare for war“, a Latin word si vis pacem para bellum.if the words comes from.

In the film Continental Union one of the most important rules you break and your head on the 14-million-dollar prize, began to flee due to John Wick‘s story we are going to witness. Keanu Reeves in the lead once again, while her Ian McShane will be accompanied by experienced players like.

John Wick 3'ün kamera arkası görüntüleri gelmeye başladı

John Wick 3'ün kamera arkası görüntüleri gelmeye başladı