27.000 prepared for full package star citizen$ amount!


Perhaps the most interesting game is definitely one of the projects of the world star citizen has been. Kickstarter fundraiser record on star citizen, then their donation system has been established and continued to raise money with this system. Here’s upcoming $ 200 million with your donations, broke a record in this regard. Well, the release date of the still ongoing construction and certain non-ship in the game is how the prices are?

The prices of the ship in star citizen quite expensive

The game’s production team Cloud Imperium, star citizen for the full $ 27,000 worth of a package has been prepared. The legatus Pack and ship this special package called 27.000 dollar sold for almost every game. Located in the heart of the ship 117, 163 extra items In this packet have been added.

Obviously you could say it’s a rich work full for this very special package. Ships sold with real money all at the same time it may seem like an ideal package for those who want to get to some creating the impression of an unnecessary packet. Also why is it so expensive ships in the game? Star citizen‘s pricing policy, what do you think?