2018 which day E3 Conferences, what time does it begin?


E3 2018 at the door now, every year, with the interest of gamers waiting until 2018 E3 now we are entering the last days. Game companies made new game announcements, conferences where gamers share their games with new videos of previously announced, we have entered the last days of excited anticipation.

The days and times during the E3 Conference in 2018

E3 2018, both in terms of game lovers and game makers for a very important exhibition. Big game announcements and new console announcements are generally leading companies in the entertainment industry, the Los AngelesE3 Expo that occurred in hiding. Well E3 conferences 2018 Turkey time , what day , what time does it begin? Here’s how to watch E3 conference;

* Electronic Arts Conference: Saturday 9th June – 21:00

* Microsoft Conference: June 10th Sunday – 23:00

* Bethesda Conference: Monday, June 11th – 04:30

* Devolver Digital Conference: Monday, June 11th – 06:00

* Square Enix Conference: Monday 11th June – 20:00

* Ubisoft Conference: Monday 11th June – 23:00

* PC gaming Show Conference: Tuesday 12th June – 01:00

* Sony Conference: Tuesday 12th June – 04:00

* Nintendo Conference: Tuesday 12th June – 19:00