2018 Microsoft’s presentation at E3 in total, how many minutes will it take?


The video game world and the players, which is the Feast of the E3 Expo this year, sounds like a bomb. In the recent years which is expected to be one of the most ambitious E3 Expo which will be held in 2018 E3‘e again, I will join dozens of companies. However, the most curious of the players at the beginning of presentations the presentations of the console manufacturers comes in. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo‘s games, where presentations will be shown which will showcase toured as a rumor right now, although we can say that the players he’s seething with curiosity.

2018 Microsoft’s E3 presentation and how long will it last?

To work in parallel with Microsoft this E3 2018 at the fair to show a few minutes of the presentation said it would be. Xbox who is the Chairman of brand, Phil Spencer, via Twitter, the Microsoft offer to 100 minutes, said it would be close. We don’t know what Microsoft had in store 100 minutes of it, but we know gamers expect a special game from Microsoft.

Sony custom hand strengthened in terms of gameplay, while Microsoft‘s still this side to pass null for the sales of the console are affecting. Besides, Nintendo was about to show itself with new productions while also, at this rate, Nintendo generation, Xbox one sales in the sense of fall to the bottom of the switch at the end of May.

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