2018 in the event E3 Command & Conquer was announced with rivals!


The currently ongoing E3 2018 at the event a new Command & Conquer game Command & Conquer with rivals was announced for mobile platforms.

Command & Conquer Rivals, is coming to iOS and Android

Electronic Arts, the players we’ve been waiting a long time for E3 2018 in the event the bomb that we’ll face in the next time zone games introduced game lovers. Among these, iOS and Android developed for real-time strategy game Command & Conquer rivals with’I introduced. Players Command & Conquer for many years under the name of a new game he didn’t see. As you know, previously, Command & Conquer generals 2 game, turned a lot of fans, but then the game is free to play of excitement with the announcement that the place was covered with sadness.

The mobile platform for the next Command & Conquer with rivals, E3 in 2018 the familiar characters of Kane’I also, we can see that was announced with an introductory video. Our mission is to seize a nuclear missile to destroy the enemy base with units in our game where at the end of a certain period and we’re trying to fire back at the enemy. At the end of the two ignition, the enemy is destroyed.

You can get more idea about the game, which you can watch in the video below.