2 published for the division Ubisoft’s new cinematic great


At an unexpected time in the past periods Division 2 Theclick announcing Ubisoftgame E3 2018 at the fair, he showed up again. Published a new cinematic in a video we obtain new information about the story and the characters. Also in the previous video we have seen is not much different gameplay mechanics from the first game. But still I’m sure we will see character development in the sense of innovations in the game. On the other hand, the second game’s side quests and exploration that would also be so full of the sense of it is curious. In the first game in terms of content, coming to the end of the game after he left the game so players who couldn’t find much of anything. Required content late in the game brought Ubisoft developers were unable to restore their lost players for this reason. Let’s in the second game, How-to content, do we encounter?

We’re looking to innovations from the video game published for The Division 2 E3