18 FIFA World Cup determined the winner!


FIFA 18 , and FIFA World Cup 2018 Update player and team rankings for reviewing the data, EA SPORTS, the football tournament for a simulation are implemented. This simulation to the finals in France and Germany when they leave the national teams of the Champ was France.

In addition, the French footballer Antoine Griezmann in the tournament the best scorer the player as the Golden shoe award as the owner emerges. Again, the simulation Spanish footballer Francisco Alarcon Roman Suarez the and Griezmann with the same number of goals he scored.

EA SPORTS World Cup predictions with a highly successful painting is famous. The company in 2014 in Germany , with Brazil and Germany final, it would be in had predicted that it would be the Champions. In fact, 2010 World Cup Champions, Spain , also it was attached to.

Many bookmakers the darling of the tournament, as Germany and Brazil, it should be noted that he sees the teams advantage. This follows the two teams France and Spain. EA SPORTS I did not forget to submit a prediction tool over the internet. The vehicle here is easy to access by clicking on your estimates and you can see for yourself what is true.

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