140 thousand people flocked to a giant advertisement for twitch!

PUBG, copy content from fortnite is suing!

The competition between Fortnite and PUBG is in progress, while the interesting event was marked by an unexpected agenda. PUBG opened a case with copyright and copy the content to the point of Epic Games said. Based in Korea, opened the case, according to a copy of a kind of fortnite pubg to another is not a thing! PUBG this information about you will be very surprised! Copy content between Fortnite and PUBG fight! The month of September…

Prior to E3, with all large firms, they try to get the maximum benefit from the month of May. The major reason for this, people need to prepare for E3. 4 Call Of Duty Black Ops, Battlefield 5, Pokemon let’s go and rage 2‘S then, and now comes a new game by Bethesda again.

#Please stand by pic.twitter.com/5IUjkURCcM

Bethesda Game Studios (@Bethesda Studios) 29 May 2018

For the first time in this new game will be what people have no idea. Fallout 5? Many of us are we too early, especially for gamers like crazy TES 6, Click waiting. 2 Fallout New Vegas? Obsidian entertainmentheyecanlansa those who want to see this series again, via Twitter that the company “has nothing to do with us.” the disclosure was made in shape.

Do you know how to let someone down easily?

Asking for a friend.#It’s base note

— Obsidian #Deadfire (@Obsidian) 29 May 2018

All these things together are 3 possible announcement we can say that we’ll have. Shelter, Fallout 2, Fallout Online and Fallout 3 Remastered.

We’re eliminating the right to shelter these candidates because of Bethesda Twitch a publication as 140 thousand people participating in it will affect an important game. Fallout Online would be a high probability, but there doesn’t seem to be wise to hide all this time without any leakage. The final option stands out as the biggest disappointment. Of Fallout 3 in honor of the tenth anniversary, a revised version may be on the way.

The answer is that later we’ll find out. Continue to follow us…

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