1.18 update for Gran Turismo Sport, was introduced with the video


Today, entering the month of May, polyphony digital for the month of April, still continues. A few weeks ago Gran Turismo Sport‘u update producer new Raceway and now introduced as a super car, Toyota Supra GRSport GT click added. Of course, each new car will continue to be updated added to the game a different experience.

The game is always updated, the same problems continue

Which will offer a new experience to fans of the dragon trails, gardens (and vice versa gardens ii), the contest is seen by most people as fun and a long runway. Added on super car Toyota Supra GR, supra for me at the same time with the old search technology and by combining the power players will make you King of the road, literally. But Gran Turismo still has a few problems in the sport, the most obvious of them is not being able to save the game while in Offline mode. Polyphony digital did not specify yet if such a change is coming.

The month of April published in the 1.18 update, has compiled a video by polyphony digital. You can watch the video below published.